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About me

I am passionate about the power of new technologies and the need to implement them into designs. During my professional career I have successfully helped numerous global brands bring new technologies to their diverse audiences.

Originally from Barcelona, a city where design is a way of life, I launched my career with a focus on Electronic Art, Digital Design & Product Design. I was actively involved in the arts community as videojockey and interactive artist, lending my expertise to various artistic projects and interactive exhibitions.

Things I love

High complex problems, UX systems engineering, psychology, social science, emotional intelligence, good communication, product ownership, schemas, UX detailed documentation, creating the product vision, problem space and solution space, optimization of processes, documentation of my thinking to explain why, UI design system, autonomy, self-direction, agency ... and to smile.


English • Spanish • Catalan • Italian 

Oscar Font

Senior Product UX Owner, Manager, Strategist, Designer.
Remote - Portland, OR
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